About Us

The Founder of The Wellness Foundation

Greg Parry PhD

The founder of The Wellness Foundation and the inspiration that drives the organisation’s work, Greg Parry trained in the field of Corporate Psychology and Management, gaining a PhD along the way and sharing his insights and experience with companies and private individuals as he developed the core principles that have helped thousands of individuals to live a richer, happier and more fulfilling life.

About Greg

British by birth, multi-lingual and living in Belgium and Spain, a best-selling author, acclaimed speaker and tireless supporter of the Foundation’s work, Greg leads a team of highly-experienced specialists in the daily quest to help people master their stress, take better control of their lives and discover the power of their true potential.

Cognitive Empowerment

The Cognitive Empowerment Programmes evolved over the past twenty years and grew directly from Greg’s lifetime interest in personal development. They provide the essential methods and techniques that form the basis of the Wellness Foundation’s celebrated platform of courses.


The CEP Courses have been designed by Greg to help people master their stress and discover the rich potential of self-fulfillment. The core principles have been developed to provide fast, effective results.


Greg is a very early riser, loves to travel, enjoys fresh air and running, scuba diving, Yoga, and Pilates and keeps very fit. He’s a powerfully motivated and motivating individual and is recognized as having an uncanny ability to understand people and their problems.

He encourages others by his own example and reminds us that age and happiness are deeply influenced by the way we choose to think and feel.

“Winning in life is about so much more than just surviving”