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New Release Super You

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a better version of yourself?

Can you imagine how much better your life would be if you could break free from the limitations, restrictions and old habits that have held you back for far too long?  What if you could learn how to break free from your old limiting beliefs and childhood conditioning and wake up to being a stronger, happier and more capable new you?

If you’ve ever suspected that there’s much more to you than the face that you see in the mirror, then get ready to be positively surprised. The key to discovering who you really are could unlock your hidden potential and introduce you to a fresh new approach to living your life at a whole new level. So, how can you achieve this amazing breakthrough in personal identity?

Many of the answers can be found in the fact that we are all deeply conditioned during our very impressionable, early childhood years. The behaviours that are laid down before we reach the age of seven can remain embedded in our unconscious for the rest of our lives. We need to ask ourselves if that early conditioning is really serving our best interests. Or whether it’s getting in the way of our real potential for a happier and more fulfilling life. If you’ve ever suspected that there’s far more to be enjoyed in this life, now is your chance to find out.

Based on more than two decades of practical work and guidance with thousands of individuals, the methods you can discover in Super You have been developed and designed by Greg Parry and his team of wellbeing specialists at The Wellness Foundation. Now, you can share these methods in the comfort of your own home and explore your real potential at your own pace.

Is this groundbreaking book for you? Let’s start with a very simple question: Are there any areas in your life today that you feel could be improved? Rather than focusing on what you do every day, we need to focus far more on who you are being. Because the old approach to changing your life has concentrated entirely on your daily tasks. If this was the most effective approach, we should ask ourselves why so many people are still struggling to lead lives that are richly fulfilling and free from stress and anxiety. Clearly, something is missing. And the answer can be found in your personal sense of identity. Who you are being, though, is something you can change. Surprised?  There’s more!

Discover in your copy of Super You 

  • The secrets to unleashing your true potential
  • How to identify your true purpose
  • The keys to richer, deeper, happier relationships
  • The forgotten foundations of lasting success
  • The most direct way to break free from your limitations
  • How to free yourself from the limitations and restraints of your early childhood conditioning
  • The most effective way to heal the past and free yourself from its influence. Forever
  • The shortcut to identifying the source of all your present personality traits
  • How to upgrade your behavioural programming
  • How to gain access to the vast power of your subconscious domain
  • The best ways to take control of your life and your future
  • Make everything in your life work in harmony for your happiness, success and wellbeing

Join the thousands of individuals who’ve already discovered that life can be so much more fun, so much more rewarding and so much more wonderful than you ever thought possible.

All the answers are waiting for you in Super You.

Get your life back on track. Get your copy right now.

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