CEP Online Foundation Courses

CEP Online Courses

The Cognitive Empowerment Programme
Foundation Courses

Have you ever dreamed of attending a truly life-changing event but couldn’t spare the time to get away? It happens to many people. But now you can enjoy the key points of the CEP Workshop Experiences by subscribing to the new and popular on-line courses

A comprehensive programme of highly effective courses from the wellbeing specialists at The Wellness Foundation. Based on more than twenty years of practical experience in helping thousands of individuals to master their stress, develop their potential and take back control of their lives, the CEP Courses are now available online for you to experience and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Join the growing global community of happier, healthier individuals who’ve discovered the power of their hidden potential.

What You Will Discover

How to identify and master the physical dynamics of the stress response

The best ways to harness and direct the power of your thoughts

The secrets of mastering and channeling your emotional energy

The simplest and most effective ways to turn down your anxiety and turn up your creativity

The hidden foundations of your behaviour and the origins of your personality

The fastest methods for upgrading your thoughts and feelings and behaviour

The keys to a happier and healthier life

How to enjoy better sleep and new levels of vitality and energy

How to find your true purpose

How to free yourself from the past and create a brighter, fresher new future for yourself

The CEP Foundation Course Includes

Detailed Descriptions of each section of the Programme

Comprehensive instructions and explanations for each Module

An introductory video for each section to explain the purpose and intention of each tutorial

Illustrations to support you in fully understanding the techniques and methods

Report sheets and questionnaires to assist you in evaluating your current status and future progress

A proven pathway to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life

Course Requirements and Description


No prior knowledge, qualifications or previous experience required to enjoy all the benefits of the CEP Programmes

Course material is accessible via your computer, tablet or cellphone.

Freedom to dedicate an hour per day to practise and master the techniques

Your willingness to embrace a powerful new way to experience life on a healthier, happier level

Course Description

Based on more than twenty years of highly practical experience, the Modules have been conveniently divided into five sections, embracing a two-part and highly effective Foundation Course and evolving into two Intermediate and one Advanced Programme.

The purpose of the Programmes is to explore and master the dynamics of the stress response, explore your hidden potential and share with you the real-world methods for taking better control of your life. The methods will help you to break free from your old limitations and experience the power of your untapped capacity for greater happiness, success and fulfilment. Every significant aspect of life is explored with the purpose of breaking free from the past and creating a brighter and happier future.

If you’re ready to discover what’s really possible in your life, this is the pathway for you.

Students Who Follow the Programmes Can Realistically Expect

To lower their stress, fear and anxiety and turn up their capacity for enjoyment

To feel that they’re able to exercise much greater control over their lives

To engage their creativity and develop a calm detachment from the chaos of the everyday world

To sleep better and discover the extraordinary power and insights of their subconscious resources

To enjoy happier and more fulfilling relationships

To discover their deeper sense of purpose

To break free from the roles they’ve been playing since early childhood

To allow greater happiness into their lives

To discover a deeper sense of personal fulfilment

And far more than we could possibly describe within this introduction

Who This Course is For

Designed for people of all ages and backgrounds, the Courses focus on the fundamental human dynamics that either support or restrain our true potential

Aimed at the busy professionals who are seeking a more effective and efficient way to manage their lives

Available to anyone who suspects that there’s so much to life than they’ve enjoyed up to this point

Flexible enough to accommodate the broadest spectrum of individuals who recognise that they’re in need of positive change in their lives

Those who are ready and willing to embrace the power of personal fulfilment

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