How can the CEP Courses help me to reduce my stress?

Excessive stress is one of the most challenging aspects of modern life. Yet it isn’t a natural condition for humans. It’s a negative behaviour that we’ve adopted largely as a bad habit and it’s both posiible and highly desirable to learn how to control its effects.

By targeting key responses in our physical, mental and emotional reactions, we can learn how to master the stress response. The results can be experienced with immediate effect and form the foundation of a healthier, more creative and more balanced life.


How do I access the CEP Courses ?

The Programmes are available in a variety of formats to make access as easy and convenient for you as possible.

i) Private Face to Face Sessions: this is where you can follow the Programmes in a series of private sessions with Greg – in person! It’s a perfect way to match and fine tune your individual needs and requirements with the Course’s methods and techniques, as well as having direct access to Greg’s knowledge, guidance and experience.

ii) Face to face Group Sessions: the Programme is available for groups of five to ten individuals who will meet with Greg at set times to work with the Course material. It’s another great opportunity to work closely under Greg’s guidance to achieve maximum results.

iii) Private Online Face to Face Sessions: the wonder of the Internet has permitted us to work together through the medium of Skype or FaceTime and this is where individuals can enjoy the Programme in the privacy of their homes whilst enjoying access to Greg’s careful guidance, advice, teaching and support.

iv) Online Group Sessions: these programmes are already running successfully with Programme Members joining in from around the world. They’re live and they’re runĀ  according to schedule under Greg’s personal guidance. It’s a great way of meeting like-minded people who want to share the experience of mastering their stress and taking control of their lives.


Are the Courses available to companies and non-commercial organisations?

CEP Courses have been specifically designed and adapted for commercial companies and for non-commercial organisations. Helping individual staff members to adopt effective stress management protocols, improving communication, boosting productivity and enhancing wellbeing can make a major contribution to the quality of life in any environment.

your life.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

By accessing the body’s autonomic reactions, we can reduce the effects of stress in a matter of moments. Our bodies are hard-wired to respond to these ancient signals and, by learning to adopt the CEP’s core methods, we can turn down the stress response in a matter of seconds. Over the longer term, we also need to benefit from other behavioural adjustments that will help us to master all aspects of our tensions, fears, stresses and anxieties. That’s why the CEP approach is uniquely positioned to help you develop mastery over your stress and put you firmly in control of your life.


What other benefits can I expect besides reducing my stress?

The Programmes also focus on a range of transformational opportunities that will help you to create better control of your life. From better sleeping behaviour to enhancing your creativity. From controlling your stress response to boosting your cognitive behavioural awareness. From channeling your emotional energy to discovering more appropriate ways of living more fully. From letting go of the past to accessing the hidden resources of the subconscious. Each of these aspects of the CEP Courses represents a powerful, life-enhancing dynamic that can help you to experience a healthier and more fulfilling life


Do I need any qualifications or pervious experience to jpin the Programmes?

If you’re stressed, the Programmes are here to help. Whatever the background story, whatever you might’ve tried before, whatever you’re experiencing right now, the CEP Courses have been developed to help you. They’re here to help you make a powerful and positive difference to