Finding Your Personal Inspiration

Did you ever daydream when you were a child about being a super hero? Perhaps you liked to imagine yourself being famous, performing on stage and surrounded by wildly adoring fans? It seems that every kid entertains these kinds of fantasies during childhood. And plenty of adults today seem obsessed with the shimmering allure of becoming a celebrity.

But rather than seeking fame as an end in itself, there’s a deeper message here for us to consider. And it can be found in the way that certain individuals can inspire us to reach beyond our limitations and achieve extraordinary results in all areas of our lives.

Inspiration is the greatest gift because it opens your life to many new possibilities. Each day becomes more meaningful, and your life is enhanced when your actions are guided by what inspires you. – Bernie Siegel

When we talk about extraordinary results, it’s helpful to put the concept into perspective. It’s true that we’re not likely to end up in a chauffeured limo with screaming fans begging for an autograph. But we might succeed in fulfilling our potential and breaking free from our limitations. And that’s the kind of extraordinary result that reveals far more about who we are as human beings than any kind of celebrity status can possibly convey.

This is where the lives and examples of others can serve to shine a light onto your own hidden potential.

Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that we’re surrounded by influencers on all sides. People broadcast their views and opinions round the clock on social media although it’s helpful to remember that not every article, blog or You Tube video is useful, truthful, sincere or helpful.

That’s why it can be more productive to consider the lives of exceptional individuals and seek our inspiration from real-life characters who’ve overcome exceptional obstacles and achieved remarkable results.

That’s all a man can hope for during his lifetime – to set an example – and when he is dead, to be an inspiration for history. – William McKinley

We’re incredibly fortunate to have access to a truly vast amount of information today. In the history of our species, humans have never had such easy access to so much knowledge.

Whilst there’s always plenty of bad news and stories of doom, gloom and despair, there’s also a monumental treasure house of inspirational material, based on the lives of people who pursued great dreams and strove for magnificent goals. This is a fabulous world to explore. This is a gateway to a world that is often unfamiliar yet peopled by individuals that we can easily recognise. These are the stories of men and women who overcame their disadvantages and fought to achieve their goals, often against seemingly impossible odds.

When we find ourselves in need of encouragement and in search of an example of how raw courage and determination can shape a person’s destiny, we don’t need to rely on fiction to find our inspiration. The examples of often quite ordinary people achieving extraordinary results can be found throughout the course of human history. Draw deeply from the well of human history. Feed your ambition with magnificent examples of human endurance. Take heart from the courage of individuals who stood up in the face of titanic opposition to make a difference to the world.

In life you need either inspiration or desperation. – Tony Robbins

Not all of these people achieved fame during their lifetimes. Few of them would qualify as celebrities in today’s world. Some of the most influential and interesting individuals in our history are barely recognised outside the narrow circles of academic specialists. But you can always find superb examples that will help to shape your expectations of what’s truly possible in your life. These are the people who can reach out from the past and revolutionise your worldview with their brilliant achievements. They can overturn your beliefs about your potential to create extraordinary results in your life. They can demonstrate what each of us is really capable of producing when we apply our will and determination to our life’s goals.

So much of life is a reflection of our beliefs. How often is success a question of persistence and endurance? How often are we tempted to quit when the going gets tough and we can’t see how to proceed? It’s precisely at these moments of fatigue when we feel lost and unsure that we need to strengthen our resolve and draw deeply from the well of inspiration. Look to the examples of others who’ve faced far greater challenges. Smile as you recognise the indominable power of the human spirit. Take heart from those who fought on and triumphed in the face of setbacks and adversity. Recognise your kinship with those individuals who refused to quit. You share a common bond with them. And, as you rise up to face your personal challenges, become the example of success and dedication for others to follow. Be the light in this world that casts out the shadows of fear, doubt and failure. Fulfil your true potential to make a positive difference to your life and the lives of those around you.