Making Sure the Connections Work for You

You’ve probably heard countless times that everything’s connected. It’s a very familiar idea and something that’s often mentioned as if we should take the principle of connectivity for granted. And whilst this might seem like a very appealing concept, it’s much harder to detect all the various but subtle lines of connectivity in the course of a busy day. But, just because something might not be obvious, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t deeply significant.

This idea of shared humanity and the connections that we make with one another – that’s what, in fact, makes life worth living. – Clint Smith

It’s an intriguing concept and one that deserves closer scrutiny.

Without getting lost in the hopelessly complex and counter-intuitive world of quantum physics, the idea that everything is deeply connected has a long and ancient pedigree. It’s been a popular topic amongst philosophers and mystics for thousands of years and its message is as relevant today as it always has been. Perhaps more so.

As we witness the rise of social media, we might easily feel less connected to others than we used to. Social media, after all, is a poor substitute for the richness of face to face conversations with real people in a convivial social environment. This unsettling sense of isolation can be distressing and it can give us the impression that we’re less connected than we used to be. The evidence from social distancing has only reinforced this concept and this has created the illusion that the connections that bind everything together are either less relevant or less influential than they might be.

I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village. – Gina Bellman

The connections may not always be apparent but, on a subconscious level, they resonate deeply and powerfully. On a personal as well as a professional level, the way we do one thing will inevitably show up in the way that we do everything. Chaos, contradictions and inappropriate behaviour in one area of our lives will spill over and seep into the other areas. It’s just a question of time.

I know. This might sound like a very tough proposition, as if in some way we’re going to be punished for our transgressions in ways that don’t appear to be directly connected with our lapses in personal conduct. But rather than interpreting the concept as some archaic form of retribution, the idea can equally provide us with a very useful wake-up call. There are some very positive aspects to this level of understanding. It alerts us, for example, to the fact that if we’re cutting corners and acting in ways that might prove harmful to ourselves and others, we need to recognise that we’re encouraging repercussions that could sabotage our well-laid plans, our goals, dreams and aspirations. It’s not unusual. It happens every single day.

A typical neuron makes about ten thousand connections to neighboring neurons. Given the billions of neurons, this means there are as many connections in a single cubic centimeter of brain tissue as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy. – David Eagleman

Whatever’s happening on the micro scale is going to show up in the big picture.

Once we learn to recognise the power of this concept, we can make adjustments to our behaviour that will neutralise the largely unforeseen negative consequences that are often sown in the furrow of unwise actions.

If everything’s connected, then it makes perfect sense to minimise the possible damage and destruction that follows from potentially harmful behaviours by making sure that we honour our personal standards of integrity and always aim to do our best. It’s an invitation to take full responsibility for our lives and clean up our act. It’s a moment of reflection in which we can choose to eliminate behaviours that could be harmful to our wellbeing, our success and our relationships. It’s a simple way to join the dots and appreciate that our actions in one area will inevitably influence the outcomes in other areas.

If you consider the impact of deceit, for example, and the stress this imposes on anyone’s life, it’s obvious that lying degrades our sense of self-respect and fosters a habit of compromise. Personal empowerment flows more readily along the channels of clarity and personal integrity. It might be easy to adopt a cynical attitude when we listen to the disingenuous words of politicians but our mission is to take better control of our own lives and destinies before we attempt to change the rest of the world. The way we muster our own resources and behaviours will very much define how our lives evolve.

Your connections to all the things around you literally define who you are. – Aaron D. O’Connell

The biggest clue in the quest for a more harmonious life can be found in the contradictions. This is where our words and good intentions are not matched by our actions. Expressing an idea and then doing the opposite. Proclaiming a set of personal behavioural standards but failing to live up to them. These contradictions provide clues about the inconsistencies that often disrupt our efforts for success in any field of endeavour. It’s incredibly helpful to bear in mind that we really do have far more choice and control over these issues than we might imagine. We really can choose how we behave.

People find meaning and redemption in the most unusual human connections. – Khaled Hosseini

We’re not looking for some absurd form of perfection here. What we’re looking for is nothing more than consistency. That means a clear commitment to excellence in all areas of our lives. It’s a perfect way to streamline your life and develop much greater efficiency. You remove the inconsistencies and contradictions that block your progress. You eliminate the distractions and harmful habits that obstruct the flow of your plans. You feel more centred, more balanced, more creative and empowered. These are the naturally occurring consequences of applying positive standards of conduct to all areas of your life.

So, let’s make today the perfect opportunity to review the contradictions that you’ve tolerated for too long. Let’s make a powerful commitment to adopt the highest standards for your personal and professional behaviour. And notice how quickly things begin to change around you. It’s a wildly positive way of taking better control of your life and a superb approach to improving every aspect of your existence.