A warm and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has so kindly submitted their experiences to share with The Wellness Foundation website. We appreciate your honesty, your candour and your generosity. May your examples inspire others to learn how to master their stress and experience the rewards of stress mastery, self-fulfilment and personal empowerment.

Gerry K

Corporate Lawyer

Hey buddy! We started out on that first course as student/teacher and today I’m proud to call you my friend. Thanks for giving me back my mojo! You know exactly what I mean. Keep up the amazing work and don’t ever stop making the world a better place. Talk to you soon. To the rest of the planet – Greg Parry rocks!

Frank K


I’m a big fan of Greg’s work. He came to me by way of an introduction from someone I respect and admire and we worked together successfully on my stress issues. The results were impressive and I invited him to run a series of weekend workshops for my senior management teams. We have since increased productivity, cut costs, increased profitability and reduced absenteeism. Much of this is related to reducing excess stress and promoting creativity. I advise any corporation or organization to talk to Greg Parry and find out how he can help you. He is a very, very smart guy.

Sara M


Life is very stressful. Greg says all you need to do is finish college, get a job, get married, buy a house and have kids and you’ll know everything there is to know about stress! I guess he’s right. I tick all the boxes and am the first to admit that my life was suffering because of the daily pressures. I never got enough sleep, not even on vacation. I never seemed to have enough time. I used to shout at my husband and kids. Life was not easy and it was not happy.
What changed everything for me was deciding to work with Greg and deal with the crazy stress and tension that was making my life miserable. I knew I had to do something. I knew I had to change. Greg understood immediately. He adapted the foundation course to my needs and circumstances and the first week was enough to bring about significant changes to my stress levels. By the end of the fourth week, I was feeling fantastic. My family and my colleagues noticed the changes. I was laughing more. I was able to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Incredible! I have become much more resistant to stress and this has helped me to understand what is really important in my life. Now I do not waste any energy getting upset. I have a much better set of alternatives. It’s called personal empowerment. Muchas gracias, Greg !!

Ellie P

Legal Counsel

All lawyers understand that the profession can be very stressful, very demanding and very lonely. I got into the habit of stressing over everything. It affected the quality of my work, I had difficulty concentrating, I couldn’t sleep and look about ten years older than my age. I thought about quitting because the job was killing me and, in all honesty, no one seemed to give a damn about me or my predicament. As long as I was generating fees, everyone was happy. Except for me.
I heard about Greg Parry and The Wellness Foundation from my sister while I was on holiday and checked out the website, read the blogs, followed some of the videos on YouTube and decided to give them a call. We talked and they said they were sure they could help so I took the Foundation Course. It’s a like a highly concentrated course in behaviour, wisdom, freedom, and empowerment and I loved it. Everything is designed to produce results. Nothing’s wasted. There were homework and assignments to make me think in a new light and take better control of my life. The principle is very simple. We can’t necessarily change the world. But we can change how we relate to it. We can change how we interact with it. We can choose how we think and feel. It’s an amazing and joyful message of personal empowerment and if Greg Parry ever runs for government, he’s got my vote!

Jessica F


This is the first course I’ve attended that addressed all aspects of stress and offered practical assistance to get the stress response firmly under control. The system works and delivers excellent results. I benefited personally by eliminating migraines (which deserves a medal), lowering my blood pressure, reducing insomnia, improving digestion, feeling much more energized and enjoying the challenges of my work. The course deserves wider recognition for providing excellent value for money and for delivering on all its promises.


Film Producer

We all pay a very high price for success yet few admit that there’s a cost until tragedy strikes and they get sick. In my case, I’d been attending therapy for eighteen years, trying to resolve issues over happiness and being worthy of success. I guess the therapy was a repetitive feedback loop where we just went round in circles and the therapist bought a new Mercedes every year. So I got sick, the hospital was great and did a good job putting me back together. But no one talked about the stress that had caused the damage to my health. I was looking for a better set of answers to my condition.
I heard about Greg Parry from a lawyer friend at a fundraiser and decided to give him a call. I figured if he was half as good as my friend said, it couldn’t do any harm. My friend undersold him. Greg’s what our French cousins call a tour de force. It’s very personal and what he does targets the areas where the problems feed and multiply. Then he works with you and shows you exactly how to break the stress habit. It should’ve taken years but he got me into a happier, healthier place in a couple of weeks. No one was as surprised as me. Plus the guy has a great sense of humour. He’s got a rare gift for making things possible. Big thanks, Greg. You’re a star.

Daniella P

Marketing Director

Excellent course. Great people. Greg’s amazing. Highly recommended to anyone with a pulse. Completed Foundation Course last month and still buzzing from the experience. Signing up for the Advanced Course next month. It’s a rush. This is the kind of work that becomes part of your life. You carry it with you wherever you go. It isn’t something you do. It becomes part of who you are.

Francesca D M

Senior VP

I thoroughly enjoyed the Foundation Course and have noted many positive changes in my life. Most importantly for me is my newfound resistance to stress or panic attacks. This was a very difficult subject to discuss but I have learned how to change my old habit of over-reacting and letting my imagination run riot. I know how to check my reactions before they get out of control and how to direct my thoughts and feelings into more positive and productive outcomes. It has been pleasantly surprised to see a number of persistent health problems disappear as I have gained greater control over my stress response. Obviously, this has led to improvements in my health and wellbeing and I am more productive at work. I can, therefore, recommend The Wellness Foundation’s courses as a very effective means of controlling stress and improving health and quality of life.

Geoffrey D


My problems with stress developed from more than twenty years of long hours at the office and the constant pressure to perform. I was spending all my time and energy on work and neglected everything and everyone else. That’s when my marriage began to suffer. I grew short tempered and couldn’t sleep without medication. It was around this time that I had my first health scare and the doctor told me I was suffering from stress. I couldn’t change my job and the outlook was a long way from positive.
A colleague told me about someone he’d worked with while he was posted to the Brussels office and I decided to get in touch. That led me to Greg Parry and The Wellness Foundation. That’s when everything turned around for me. I worked with Greg for about six weeks and we talked on Skype as I followed his program for stress mastery. What I got was much more than a new way to handle the pressure. We worked on how to control my thoughts and feelings and create more control in my life. That meant assessing my priorities and working out where my attitudes came from. It was a revelation to me.
I use the techniques and methods I practiced with Greg every day and let’s just say that I’m taking better care of my life in ways I never thought possible. Physically, I feel completely different. I’ve got a lot more energy. I sleep well. I’m way more creative and I get my work done faster than before. I’ve got time for my family because I had to be on the verge of losing them to appreciate how important they are to me. I found the motivation to fix my diet and get some exercise. Emotionally, I’m much calmer. More stable. I laugh more. I’ve got focus and know how to channel my energy towards my goals. I’ve never been happier.
This is my way of saying thank you to Greg and The Wellness Foundation. You’ll never know much you helped me get my life back.

Angela T

International Civil Service

Of all the people I’ve worked with to address my issues, Greg is the first and only person who understood me and helped me to deal with my problems and then showed me how to move on. The CEP course was a life-changing experience and I’m very happy to recommend it to anyone who’s stressed or looking for major change in their life. It’s only fair to say that Greg is a genius. He’s incredibly perceptive and one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met. He’s amazing. So is his course. God bless you Greg and everyone at the Foundation.

Hans G

European Commission

I wish to credit The Wellness Foundation for helping me to reduce my stress levels and improve my health. I followed the CEP Foundation Course and was impressed by the professional skills and content. The Course aims at physcial, mental and emotional aspects of stress and provides excellent techniques for overcoming the pressures of daily life. Stress is slowly killing people so I wish that more people could benefit from this excellent course.

Jakob S

European Commission

I worked with Greg on three problems that caused me pain and discomfort every day, assuming that the issues were purely physcial in nature. I soon discovered that the underlying cause was the extreme amount of stress that was affecting my body and injuring my health. We were able to resolve the problems and then develop a healthier approach to work which has resulted in improvements in all areas of my life. It has made a major difference to my health and I wish to acknowledge the help and understanding and practical guidance that Greg shared with me.

Ryan K


It’s very difficult for men to admit they can’t cope. It’s like an admission of weakness. It takes a crisis of some sort to force us to confront the things we don’t want to look at. On the surface, I was living the dream. Successful career. Beautiful family. All the toys that come with being very good at my job. The truth is that I wasn’t coping at all. I survived each day with medication and suffered too many health issues. When I told colleagues about my stress-related conditions, they laughed. Having that much stress was like a badge of office to be worn with pride. It showed everyone how committed I was to my career. I had ulcers and high blood pressure, insomnia, nightmares and panic attacks. I talked with a good friend who urged me to get help. Admitting that I wasn’t coping was the first step. My doctor gave me drugs to calm me down and help me sleep but he wasn’t dealing with the real cause of my problems.
By chance, I was on the Internet and caught a video of Greg Parry talking about stress and that prompted me to check out his organization. I arranged a call to see if they could help and that’s how I became involved with The Wellness Foundation. It was one of my smarter moves.
I worked with Greg via Skype and we spoke and coordinated the work once a week with assignments for me to complete and forward before the next session. I started to feel better after the first week. By the end of the course, I felt like I’d been given a whole new life with energy, focus, drive and an all-around approach for turning down the stress. I only wish I’d met the guy twenty years ago.

Filippa R

European Commission

My work has always been very demanding and we take our responsibilities very seriously in our DG. The pressure increased until I felt I was on the edge of a breakdown and my doctor advised me to take a forced leave of absence to recover. I’d met Greg on a few occasions and he was always very courteous and polite so I felt I could talk with him in confidence. We spoke online and he was able to identify the source of my problem. This was very surprising to me but he is well known amongst my colleagues for being very aware. I decided to follow the CEP Foundation Course and this has proved to be a very wise decision. We focused initially on relieving the patterns of stress that harm our health and wellbeing. Then we progressed to an examination of the mental and emotional effects of stress. I am delighted with the way I feel. For the first time in my life, I feel in control of my stress response and I have a clear direction that I wish my life to follow. I sleep better, my digestion has improved, my hormonal balance is better than ever and I have greater clarity in my thoughts and analysis. I believe my story is far from unique! Sincere thanks to The Wellness Foundation and to Greg.

Consuela J

Political Secretary

Very pleased to see Wellness Foundation gaining greater recognition because it changed my life. I was suffering from a form of stress-induced depression which was treated with very strong medication. The side effects made it difficult for me to do my job. A friend suggested that I contact Greg Parry, who has a reputation for helping people who are desperate. It is truthful to say that I felt desperate. He was very kind to me and took time to understand everything about my problems. He gave me hope and showed me how to handle my stress. The techniques were very simple at first and very effective. That helped me to work on the other areas of my life that needed help. I was back at work in two weeks and feeling better than ever. I have followed the Advanced Course which was amazing and I am thinking of training with the Foundation to offer these beautiful courses to the many people who are suffering from stress.