Do you believe that everything happens for a purpose? Do you think that sometimes you really have to wait for the good things to show up in your life? Have you ever caught yourself saying or thinking to yourself ‘If it’s meant to be, it will be”? Or have you ever looked at a setback or disappointment, shaken your head and said “I guess it wasn’t meant to be”?

There’s a long tradition in many cultures that sees life in terms of a kind of fatalistic game of chance, a rigged game that determines whatever happens behind the scenes. It’s as if everything occurs due to some vast, unseen lottery system that chooses the winners and losers in advance. When we accept this kind of thinking, when we adopt this extremely limiting mindset, we give up a large measure of our personal power. This is the kind of mindset that avoids taking responsibility for the outcomes in our lives.

I used to think timing was everything. I have since learned that now is the time for everything. – Stella Mowen

If you really want to develop a sense of personal power and exercise measurable influence in your life, it’s much more interesting to accept personal responsibility for everything that happens to you. Yes, it involves a shift in mindset and it may encompass events that are obviously out of your control – and we could reference subjects as diverse as the weather and traffic conditions – but the purpose of this change in perception is to create a deep and powerful belief that you – and you alone – are really in total control of your life. It’s a powerful way wresting back control from the capricious forces of chance.

The advantages might not seem to be obvious at first because the rational mind will immediately try to separate the areas that it can accept as being under control from the areas that extend beyond its immediate influence. Yet, the intention is to challenge the old, conditioned habits of attributing outcomes to external influences. Looking for the root causes of our situation outside the domain of our thoughts and feelings is a pernicious, disabling way of interpreting the world because it encourages us to quit when the going gets tough and to accept setbacks as somehow final.

There is no wrong time to do the right thing. – Charles M. Blow

When a challenge or problem shows up, it feels completely different when you accept full and complete responsibility for the situation. It is deeply empowering. Life no longer feels as if it’s happening to you.

You feel that you are making your life happen.

And this seismic shift in attitude and perception encourages you to feel that, since you are the one who’s in control, you are not only the one who generated the problem, but you’re the one who can resolve it.

This is the foundation of becoming powerfully pro-active in your life.

We’re often encouraged to be so fully prepared before we take action that we sometimes mistake good preparation for the need to have everything perfectly aligned before we can start. Life doesn’t work like this. Perfect or ideal conditions rarely exist. When you feel empowered and take full responsible for your life, you’ll be more ready to take action and make the necessary course corrections as you proceed.

There is a right time for success. It’s called Now.

Whether you prefer to consult your horoscope and wait for the stars to be aligned in your favour or whether you’re holding back because you’re waiting until things ‘feel right’ before you proceed, action is the only acceptable answer to your circumstances. Put the power of choice inside your own heart. Isolate yourself from the old habit of looking for signs outside of yourself. Action produces its own rewards. When you accept full and unconditional responsibility for your life, you’re less likely to rail against the capricious tides of fortune and feel the anger and bitterness of frustration. Life no longer seems to be ‘unfair’ to you when you feel in your heart that you’re the one who’s orchestrating everything that’s happening.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. – Rumi

When you free yourself from the myths and stories of your past, when you liberate yourself from the need to blame others for your current situation, when you accept your authority to rule within the domain of your own life and exercise your right to choose how your life will unfold, you will deeply enhance your sense of personal empowerment. It is a truly enriching experience that can mark the beginning of powerful changes in your sense of who you are and what you’re really capable of achieving. It’s a major step up in the quest for self-realisation. 

In reality, there is only this precious moment that we all share and that we call Now. Seize it. Put it to the best possible use. Take responsibility for everything that’s happening in your life. Take action. Exercise your latent powers. Become the master of your destiny.

Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. – Roy T. Bennett

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