Do you have a really clear idea of what you want to achieve in your life? Have you crafted a vision of your intended future that’s so vivid that you can close your eyes and imagine that it’s already happening? Does your dream of the future fill you with excitement and anticipation?

Everybody needs their own personal dream to live into. It’s the difference between drifting through life and charting your own course.

If you want to turn a vision into reality, you have to give 100% and never stop believing in your dream. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Having a clearly-defined set of goals is essential if you want to take control of your life and shape your own destiny. It’s the absence of goals or the lack of definition that can lead to confusion, frustration or a sense of being lost on the great sea at life.

Taking greater control of your life involves choosing an appropriate destination for your life to follow. If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s impossible to know if you’re making any meaningful progress. Without a clearly-defined destination, your energies are easily scattered and diffused. Whereas, a carefully-chosen goal can act as a lens that will focus your energies and your determination. It can provide you with the drive and enthusiasm to achieve great things and overcome any obstacles or challenge that show up along the way.

We are not stuck in the ruts of destiny, we have the power to break free, clear our vision and see a new life for ourselves. – Tony Clarke

One of the great purposes of creating a clear vision of your desired future is that it opens a gateway to your subconscious. This unimaginably vast resource is where the real power and direction for your life can be found.

When you engage your unconscious mind in the pursuit of your dreams and goals, you can direct its formidable powers to the service of your ambitions. The key to this connection resides in the emotional link you create between your vision of the future and the way you add a positive charge of emotional energy to the visualisation experience.

When you visualise, then you materialise. – Denis Waitley

This is where a carefully constructed vision board can make a magnificent contribution to your quest for success. By creating a collage of images that perfectly match whatever you intend to achieve, you can imagine that you’re already experiencing all the fruits of success that you want to bring into your life. The positive emotional energy that you create whilst imagining yourself experiencing whatever’s in your vision board – the excitement, the joy, the thrill, the warm glow of satisfaction – will form a direct connect to your subconscious and to its extraordinarily vast array of data, power, insight, analysis and power.

But there’s another aspect to fulfilling your dreams that can perfectly complement your personal vision board. It’s the simple question of where you direct most of your attention.

If you’ve created your vision board and placed it in a prominent position so that you’ll be reminded to focus on it with all of your emotional energy two or three times a day, there still remains the question of where you put your emotional energy during the rest of the day. If you want to increase your focus on fulfilling your dreams, you need to immerse yourself in the kind of ideas, images, concepts and reminders of what success really means to you.

Wherever you find a prosperous business, you will come upon some individual who has Creative Vision – Napoleon Hill

When you think about it, it’s a perfect extension to the precisely-focused images of your vision board. But now you’re including a broader sense of success that touches on every aspect of your life. The dream has more depth. The images outweigh any fears, doubts, worries or concerns that might otherwise detract from your confidence. You begin to live into a much broader concept of success. Your dreams are fueled by even greater levels of raw energy. Everything points towards your triumph and your success.

Of course, every dream and every goal require effort. Success does not appear out of thin air. It’s a product of consistently performing the right activities and doing whatever’s required to move your project forwards until it’s complete. But the unconscious can serve a magnificent purpose in aligning all your resources and amplifying your drive and your creativity in the pursuit of your dreams.

The world of great opportunity is available now, as it has always been, only for those with great vision – Andrew Carnegie

This means that we all need to be more aware of how we focus our attention. We need to exercise greater discretion in how we choose to invest our energy. Where does your attention wander when you take your eyes off your work? Do you see images of problems, difficulties, threats and dangers? Or does your field of vision alight upon images of outstanding success and personal fulfilment? The difference cannot be over-emphasised.

Make today the day when your vision board receives even more power and support by ensuring that your belief system is fueled by all the positive evidence of success that you can muster. Turbocharge your vision and engage all your subconscious resources in the quest for success. Make your dreams a reality by freeing yourself from the negative imagery that fills the news. Choose a much more positive foundation for your daily experience and notice how much of a difference this makes to your progress.

It doesn’t matter how fast you can go, it doesn’t matter how much passion you have, and it doesn’t matter how much energy you put into something. If you don’t have a vision and clarity on the destination you want to reach, you’ll simply never get there. – Dean Graziosi

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