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Introduction – Purpose and Objective

Learning to free yourself from the habits of stress can provide you with the foundation for new levels of personal freedom, health, happiness and fulfilment. Releasing yourself from the limitations of old, conditioned behaviours and restrictive beliefs can open up extraordinary opportunities for personal development and self-expression.

It means a happier, healthier life. It means more energy, more creativity, more resilience and greater focus. It’s a new way to wake up feeling refreshed and empowered and glad to be alive. It’s the beautifully-designed shortcut to your untapped potential.

The Cognitive Empowerment Programme has been developed using cutting edge
scientifically based research and development over the last two decades, with the specific purpose of helping people just like you to overcome their stresses, challenges and limitations. It’s your personal pathway to new opportunities and new feelings. It’s your personal programme for greater fulfillment and a new sense of control in your life.

Life is such a precious gift.
But how are you supposed to enjoy its fabulous potential when you’re permanently locked in a daily round of stress, anxiety and tension?

The answer can be found in the art of stress mastery and in achieving freedom from your old limiting behaviours. This is the great antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life.

Simple, powerful, direct and totally effective. If you want to regain control of your life, boost your health and your wellbeing, the Cognitive Empowerment Programme is the key.

Congratulations! Now, it’s yours.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some truly gifted and inspirational teachers. Their gentle example of living powerfully in every moment reveals the importance of mastering the art of mindfulness and releasing the habits of stress and anxiety. I have striven to share their teachings wherever I go, and it is a privilege to be able to pour a measure of their boundless experience into the contents of this manual.

The methods are timeless.

They are certainly effective and now they are yours to enjoy. Forever.
With total recognition of the greatness within you.
Greg Parry

Unchaining Your Body and Breaking Free
Your body is an extraordinary product of millions of years of development. Yet it carries sets of habits and behaviours that reflect much of your personal history. How you feel and how you’ve dealt with past issues easily become an integral part of your posture. By introducing subtle shifts and adjustments to your posture, you can produce profound changes to how you think and feel.
It’s an incredibly powerful insight into the connection between your posture and your emotional framework. Change one and you can deeply influence the other.

To introduce the philosophy, history and background to CEP
To develop an understanding of the Course Principles
To introduce the first personal transformation session, focusing on the physical aspects of stress, anxiety, fear and tension
To teach and correct the major stress release exercises and practise each one until they feel easy, natural and completely familiar
Discuss the best way to produce a deeply restorative night’s sleep
Introduce the Activity Log to record all practise sessions and note the results. This is also an opportunity to take note of any events that produce stress and a reminder to engage the appropriate techniques to disarm the anxiety response. Note quality of sleep and reactions upon waking